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Don't fall in the trap for the LOW PRICE Pallet Floor Scale!

More and more customers are calling us and asking for 4'x4' floor scale systems for under $1000! Where are they hearing this from? Can you truly get a quality 4'x4' floor scale system for that price? OR LESS! Just take a stroll around the internet and you see all kinds of offers.

Floor Scales

"Floor Scale w/ Readout $810 including the Freight"

"Scale + Digital Readout $690 INCLUDING FREIGHT!"


Truth is, the vast majority of these systems are not what they are hyped to be. Many aren't even 4' x 4', they're 44"x44" or 45"x48" But, yet they are intentionally marketed to you as being 4'x4' scales? Wonder what else they're telling you or not telling you? Have these scales gone through the rigid requirements to be NTEP certified? Many have not ... Do they have a long term warranty? Many do not. Ask for documentation... even if it says 1 year or even 3 years... ask for documentation... the fact is most of these low end systems don't even have a TRUE 1 year warranty... it's 90 DAYS. Also, who manufacturers these cheap scales? Are they built in the US or imported by the hundreds, & stored in a container?

If you're only going to be using your scale every now and then or you don't need NTEP approval or you're only going to be weighing really light pallets ocassionally, then maybe one of these super low priced internet floor scales would work out for you. However, based on our years of experience (at this time we've been in business going on 35 years) we think you're better off in the long run buying one of our QUALITY systems. Sure, it will probably be a little more expensive but we only try to sell QUALITY floor scales by brand name reputable scale manufacturers that you've probably heard of like Rice Lake, Pennsylvania, and Salter Brecknell, a division of Avery Weigh-Tronix. These are names that you can trust.

We've learned over the years what brands we trust and what brands that we stay away from. Heck some of these scales we see on the market don't even have a "brand". Wonder who actually constructs them or for that matter who offers and fulfills the warranty? Plus, think about it....do you really think you're going to get a top notch floor scale that's as good as our Roughdeck or Pennsylvania 6600 with a long term warranty, and free shipping, all for a rediculously low price???

Good Supports Work Like Rigid I-Beams
How is the scale built? Is the structure solid or will it deflect? To minimize deflection and stress under load, the scale’s structural supports should function in the same manner as I-beams; the scale’s deck plate acts as the compression flange and is connected by a vertical web to the bottom portion of the support that functions as a tension flange. An I-beam efficiently puts the material where it is most needed, in the top and bottom flanges. Scale structures should be designed with that principle in mind. Unfortuantely, many of the "internet specials" that you see on the web don't stack up to the Roughdeck.

X under
light use
Roughdeck underside

Several designs used in popular low-profile scales are shown above:

Scale A uses double flat bar stock in a central “X” with a single flat bar around the perimeter. This design lacks intermediate supports to prevent the top plate dishing in the triangularshaped areas, and the entire platform tends to deflect excessively from loads placed toward the center of one edge.

Scale B uses 2" x 2" tube supports and is more rigid in one direction than in the other. This design also leaves a large unsupported area at the center of the deck prone to dishing.

The RoughDeck design is equally rigid in both directions and provides good support to the top plate both along each edge and through the center. Intermediate supports are added to reduce unsupported areas that might otherwise result in the top plate dishing under heavy point loads.


Let's Compare....

OUR Roughdeck SCALES
NTEP Approved
Actual 4'x4' Platform Size
5 Year Warranty
Shipping Weight 390 lbs
Cabling routed through channels
Strong Structure -- built to last!
Some NTEP, some NON NTEP
Close but not exactly... (44x44) or (45x48)
Read the Fine Print! in a lot of cases less!
Shipping Weight 220 lbs or less
Cabling held under scale by hooks or tape
Structure built cheap/fast -- to sell more scales!








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