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Floors scales Buyers Agency Au is what this site is all about! CCS has over twenty-five years of experience in sales, service, and rentals of floor scales. This site is a sample of our selection of high-quality, low-cost floor scales for all your industrial weight needs. Portable or permanent, floor or in-pit, wet or dry applications, drop and weigh or drive up ramp — it doesn’t matter. Just call or email and we can get you a custom quote ASAP. We offer a complete line of Avery Weigh-Tronix floor scales, floor scale packages with digital readout, barrel scales, drum scales, check-to-weigh platform scales, pallet jack scales, and more!

Rice Lake Weighing systems’ heavy-duty floor scales, for use with pallets and large containers, have set the STANDARD in the floor scale industry. Choose from the many platform sizes and capacities plus extra features like pit frames, stainless steel hermetically sealed load cells, NTEP and Canadian approvals, and ramps. The RLWS scale series, 4’x4′, 5000lb capacity ROUGHNECK low profile pallet scale is in-stock and ready to ship. Each platform scale arrives at your facility calibrated and ready to use. We also sell truck scales. Our line of products is rugged …tough… accurate … built to last. See our buyers advocacy Sydney guide for the latest insights on what to look for when buying scales online.

Need a pallet jack scale? Save time and money with our battery-operated models from Aatlas and Intercomp! Portable barrel scales from Cardinal Detecto Scale and Pennsylvania Scale are available in stainless or mild steel versions to suit your industrial requirements. If you need the high-resolution capability, common in the pharmaceutical industry, select from our offerings of platforms by GSE Porta-Tronic 800, a respected manufacturer of laboratory-grade equipment and other weighing equipment. How about a basic 1000 lb. capacity portable beam scale?

Floors scales Buyers Agency Au, Inc. is committed to providing quality products and services to its customers that meet or exceed requirements and expectations. Whatever the future holds, we are dedicated to the fact that quality will always be the cornerstone in all areas of this business, from the top management level to the technician in the field. Continuous improvements are required from all employees because our customers deserve the best and this assures our customer’s the best return for your business dollar.