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Many businesses or companies have a need for some type of platform scale. It might be to weigh pallets that are going to be shipped out to their customers or perhaps to weigh pallets that are shipped to them to make sure they were not overcharged. Now in this example you would not need a 4' x 8' floor scale or a 6' x 6' floor scale. Typically a standard 4 x 4 floor scale would be fine. You could go with a 5' x 5' floor scale or 5000 lb floor scale just to be safe. There are other

examples where a company might use a floor scale. What about trying to count large amounts of parts for inventory? You could do that by hand or you could use something like a counting scale calibrated to a 3' x 3' floor scale. In the past we've even seen standard items like a GSE 350 floor scale used for counting purposes. If you were to use something small like 2' x 2' floor scales you need to be careful because there is not much room to actually weigh the products.

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Many customers think that if they choose a 2000 lb floor scale or a 1000 lb floor scale, also known as a 1 ton floor scale or a half ton, that it will somehow cost them less money. This is actually not true for the most part. The standard floor scale size is a 4x4 with 5000 pound capacity. Any deviation from that, smaller or larger is likely to cost more money. Many customers do not realize that when they are looking for scales. So unless the extra capacity is going to hurt your accuracy, you are better off going with the standard size.

A couple of American Made platforms to consider are the Pennsylvania floor scale 6600 and the Cambridge 660 floor scale. They are built tough and let's face it, it's nice to buy American Made if we can. Just remember when it comes to prices, you are not going to get an American Made floor scale for a super low price like these floor scales from China. The platform scales from China vary greatly depending on who actually is making them. We've seen some that are decent and we've seen some that were really poorly made and very inconsistent when it comes to load cell mounts and quality of the steel used in the construction.

The best advice we can give you on everything from 6' x 6' floor scale to 30 000 lb. floor scale is to make sure you don't base your entire decision on price. These days there will always be a cheaper product around the corner. It doesn't matter if you're talking about a 10000 pound floor scale or a truck. There is more to a product than just its price. Since we are in the sales and service end of the scale business, we are in a unique position since we get to hear from customers looking for the ebay floor scales and we have certainly seen a few of them which have been sent in for repair. The models that we have seen have a few things in common. It doesn't matter if we're talking about a floor scale 5000 lb or floor scale 500 lbs, most of the auction floor scales we have seen in person have a very large deckplate compared to the actual supported deck. In other words, a 5x5 floor scale might be 59" x 59" if we measure just the top deckplate. Some of that is due to the fact that the Chinese use the metric system when constructing the scales. However, if you measure below the deckplate and measure the actual supported part of the deck, it is often a full inch less than the deckplate. This is one way to lower the overall cost. Afterall, a true 2x2' floor scale would be more expensive to make than if you just had to make a 22" x 22" deck. This has become the industry standard practice for most every 5 000 pound floor scale that is imported. Any way that a seller can cut costs on a 5000lb floor scale, especially in an auction format, they will try to do.

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Another problem area that we have seen with an auction site 3' x 3' floor scale is the maker of the products uses proprietary components which are very difficult to find in the U.S. This is not a big deal until the 2000 lb floor scale breaks and you need a part quickly and realize that you are going to have to A) wait 12 weeks for the part or B) pay a large amount of money to expedite the part or C) change out all four load cells or D) buy a new 2 000 pound floor scale. Now this is not something we have seen everyday but we have seen some of this and it is something to think about. One issue that has been more prevalent has been the chinese or broken english scale manuals and user guides for these platforms. As long as the scale works, everything is fine but if you ever need to consult the manual or do a scale calibration, you might want to have a chinese dictionary close by.

Finally, after reading all this it might sound confusing but the main idea of the article is to do your homework. Do not just buy a floor scale because it is priced the lowest. Our company has been selling floor scales for over thirty years and the truth is you can certainly get a good deal. There is nothing wrong with getting a good deal on a floor scale. The problem is, you don't want to settle for a subpar product in order to get that good deal. We like some of the mid range products. The Salter Brecknell DCSB floor scales are a very nice blend of performance versus value. The vertex of platforms is probably the Roughdeck, however the Summit 3000 floor scale and the GSE 350 floor scale are very well built too.




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